Frequently Asked Question (FAQ's)
Q. How many cards can have I have to a deck?
A. You can have any number of cards in multiples of 5,7,9,11. If you have more than 66 cards, we suggest you split it into 2 decks.
Q. How many images can I have on a deck?
A. You can have as many images as the cards. For example if your deck is of 50 cards, you can 50 different images, on one side and a single common image on the reverse side. If you desire you can have different images on both sides, in which case you will have to provide the data, of which image goes on which card, and the back image of that card.
Q. How many colors can be printed on each side?
A. 4 color process on each side. Extra colors say 4 +1 is very expensive.
Q. What size can the cards be?
A. Any size; however maximum size we can handle is 10 cms (100 mm) 4" in length width can be as per your requirement.
Q. What thickness stock is available?
A. We draw stock from warehouses of the parent company so we have access to avery wide variety. However playing cards and card games are generally made on minimum 10 points to maximum 12 point stock. Gsm available is 240, 260, 270, 280, 295, 300, 310, 320, and 330.
Q. What stock finishes are available?
A. 1) Casino Finish (American Design Emboss)
2) Casino Finish (European Linar Emboss)
3) Glossy / Glossy
4) Glossy / Matt
5) Both Sides Matt
Q. What overcoat finishes are available?
A. Each deck comes varnished (called plastic coated in the trade) These are specially formulated depending on the quality finish of the stock. The objective is to give a protective layer to the printing, and smoother slippery effect to the cards, for effortless dealing.
Q. What kind of packing?
A. We can offer printed tuck boxes, plastic cases, vacuum trays, cello wrapping, shrink wrapping, printed display boxes, our shippers and master cartons are second to none in the world. Packing a very specialized parameter we have the ability to offer you a solution ideal to your needs.
Q. What is the minimum quantity?
A. 1000 decks and in multiples their of orders below 5000 will be shipped by air, over 5000 by sea. However it is your choice to specify the shipping method depending on the price parameter.
Q. How will I receive my orders?
A. We offer complete logistical service you can have ex. Factory, ex. India, confirm your nearest port, door to door service that is delivery to your doorstep.
Q. What are the lead times, and shipping time?
A. Depends on the product parameters however earliest would be 7 days from date of receipt of art work and purchase order, if shipment is by air Shipping time is 8-10 days, if by sea, about 30-35 days.
Q. What are the payment terms?
A. Orders up to US. $ 5000 by wire transfer, in advance along with artwork & purchase order. Above $5000 you can open a letter of credit. Orders above $ 20,000 we can accept 50% in advance and balance against fax copy of bill of lading / alternatively letter of credit.
Q. Can you provide references?
A. Normally no. That is because our buyers do not like to disclose their source of supply to their competitors(which you will be as you are or plan on being in the business of playing cards of card games) However in special cases and in advanced stage of negotiation, we can provide references if your comfort levels are low, this will be done upon confirmation of your bonafides as a customer and not a competitor, trying to get price.
Q. What kind of artworks does us need and the media?
A. Digital files, using Photoshop, Corel, Illustrator, and Quark express Media: zip 100/250, cdr or if files are up to 50 mb, you can upload it To an anonymous ftp site and give us the link.
Q. Now that I am, all set what about prices?
A. Well we expect you to specify the parameters of the product, based upon the above info. As the product is a customized product, your specifications will decide the price. Please fill up our PRODUCT QUOTE form to get a free quote.
Q. What if I require samples?
A. We will be happy to provide you samples of quality similar to your specified parameters. Please give us your DHL or FEDEX no. Shipping is to be paid by you.
Q. What if I don't have a DHL or FEDEX no?
A. Well we would be happy to ship it free. We feel it is our responsibility to provide you samples and you're right to have them. It has however been our experience that many consumers posing as buyers, call for samples as that is the easiest way to get it free.
We expect every visitor to this site to appreciate. That shipping costs Five times more than the product, so to please be equally responsible, to enable genuine buyers to exercise this right.
All samples shipped free will be incomplete decks and therefore of no use, as a product, but sufficient for evaluation of quality"
We have tried based on our past experience to give you as much information as possible. Please feel free to contact us with any further information that you may need.
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